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We believe OUR COMPANY offers a workplace exempt of sexism, conducive to harmony, better individual and collective performance, and based on mutual respect between the all employees of the company." Mrs. Smith Deputy General Manager Human Resources. 

Identifying behaviors that are susceptible to being considered as sexist or as sexual harassment is not always easy.

Sexism can be done by both men and women, towards both men and women, and is often done so unconsciously. This self-diagnostic will allow you to discover in a few minutes your profile" and what is and isn't considered as sexism and/or sexual harassment. Your answers are completely anonymous. The data gathered, gender, age, and department will simply allow us to obtain global statistics on this matter. To ensure your results are significant, answer the questions in the most sincere and spontaneous way possible. 

There are no wrong answers.

What's important is what YOU think you would have done in the following scenarios. This tool has been integrated in the OUR COMPANY'S global action network to fight against all forms of sexism, and thus favor job satisfaction, as well as individual and collective performance. 

Thank you!