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(Personalized introduction with the company's commitments and their company policy) 
Are you an inclusive colleague? 
More and more, talks about diversity and inclusion in the workplace are taking place in the professional sphere. These notions, though very positive and aiming to recognise and acknowledge individual differences as a strong point of the company, can sometimes seem a bit vague. This self-diagnostic allows us to clarify  what having a inclusive company stance means, and to find out where you place yourself in the subject. In the next 10 minutes, you will find out your level of inclusivity, and your approach to diversity in the workplace.
This test is completely anonymous, and will not gather any of your personal or nominative data. For each of the 4 sections you will receive your scored level, as well as action tips to progress and you will be able to compare your level with your colleagues'. To ensure that you get accurate results, do not attempt to find the "right answer", but rather select the one that you believe corresponds to how you would have acted in the given situation.